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Preparing for a Networking Meeting (or an Interview)

The following advice adapted from Chapter 3: Professional Networking applies equally to preparing for an interview. You can prepare for any new networking situation (or interview) by planning and practicing ahead of time. Think through what you will say and practice saying it. When you’ve prepared and rehearsed, your words will sound natural and the […]

Why these skills and concepts?

The skills and concepts in Career-ology are important for professionals in every industry. They will be critical throughout your entire career. The following is a brief overview: Professional networking. The secrets of networking can transform it from a chore to an enjoyable experience. Business writing. The ability to clearly articulate your ideas in writing (anything from […]

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills – Resources

Here are 3 resources from Chapter 5: Public Speaking and Presentations Skills: Clear and to the Point: 8 Psychological Principles for Compelling PowerPoint Presentations by Stephen M. Kosslyn Why? Kosslyn is a renowned cognitive neuroscientist and professor of psychology at Harvard University. This book provides eight simple principles for designing a presentation based upon human perception, […]

Why does “networking” get a bad rap?

Some people have a negative reaction to the idea of networking. Others avoid networking opportunities because they are uncomfortable or fearful. If the prospect of networking makes you uneasy, you have the wrong idea of what networking is about. At a networking event, you may have seen someone grabbing as many business cards as possible […]