Bloomberg Institute Launches Standardized Test for Financial Serivces

The Bloomberg Institute, the educational division of Bloomberg LP, launched the Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT), a standardized test for undergraduates and recent graduates who are interested in a financial services job or internship.  This online exam was developed in conjunction with industry professionals.

Quick facts about the BAT:

  • the BAT is a three-hour online test, taken in a proctored environment at a Bloomberg LP office or a university hosted session;
  • the BAT was designed with leading financial institutions and academics to uncover knowledge and skills relevant for a financial career;
  • scores will be anonymous unless you agree to release personal information to employers;
  • subject areas covered include Finance Knowledge and Aptitude: Corporate Valuation, Economics, Financial Markets, Financial Statements Analysis, Investment Banking, Investment Management; Career Skills and Aptitude: Analytical Reasoning, Math Skills, Modeling Skills, Situational Judgment, Verbal Skills. For sample questions, please CLICK HERE.

You can check out the BAT Facebook page or register for the test on the Bloomberg Institute site.

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