Earn that Promotion — Become an MVP!

In his blog, John Keyser, outlines principals for success in your career.  Here is his list– the last bullet point summarizes the other points:    Become the MVP in the eyes of everyone for all you do.

  • Be positive, enthusiastic, and a source of positive energy.
  • Make things happen. Don’t wait. Contribute ideas. When you see something that should be done, do it or make the suggestion to the appropriate person.
  • Be authentic, yourself, and honest with people.
  • Help those with whom you work, help them with their work, and help them look good and do well.
  • Help your boss look good as she or he likely did for her boss as she was earning her way up in the company.
  • Do not worry about personal credit. People know who is doing great work.
  • Be nice to everyone and help them feel appreciated. Everyone can satisfy clients.
  • Know that humility is the source of growth. Practice that.
  • Be an active listener, with care!
  • Be early, always!
  • Do outstanding work, consistently.
  • Be a presence in the community, a role model for your company and profession.
  • Help your company be a great place to work, high energy, supportive, and collaborative.
  • Become the MVP in the eyes of everyone for all you do.

For more principals, read John’s recent post, “What Companies Should Tell Their Employees.”

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