Everyone is in sales (Yes, EVERYONE!)

“Who is currently in or will be in a sales role for their company or organization?” is a question I often ask new professionals. A few people will indicate yes. But the percentage of those who recognize that at least part of their job involves sales is small. “I’m not in sales, so why do I need to learn how to sell and negotiate?” is a very common response.

I admit this is a bit of a trick question, but it is crucial to recognize that everyone is in sales. Your primary function may not be to sell products and services, but everyone needs to sell their ideas, their points of view, and their abilities. You are al- ways selling (or negotiating) something, no matter your role or job function.

Learn to recognize the opportunities when you employ these skills. Such times may be the greatest opportunities for career advancement.

Adapted from my book, Career-ology: The Art and Science of a Successful Career, Chapter 6: Sales and Negotiation Skills. Click here to download 2 chapters of the book for free. Available on Amazon today.

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