Facebook in the Office?

Facebook in the office?  This is a very complex issue.  And the answers will very by your role, position, company and industry.  One thing is very clear, however, and that is . . .

Facebooking as a professional is different than Facebooking as a student.  

A recent survey conducted by Fierce, Inc. that included more than 800 executives and employees in multiple industries found:

  • nearly one in three employees have witnessed or know of a coworker reprimanded for an inappropriate FB post
  • nearly 40% of employees engaged in some form of inappropriate communications such as gossiping or flirting
  • over 50% of employees say FB is ineffective at enhancing work relationships
  • 60% of Millennials believe that FB helps build relationships with colleagues even though their older colleagues do not

Does your employer have a policy regarding the use of FB and other social media sites?  You need to know the answer.  If the answer is “yes”, you must understand and adhere to the policy.



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