Practical Tips for Delivering a Great Speech or Presentation – Part 2

Here Part 2 of the list from Chapter 5: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • The iPhone and other smartphones have good apps for practicing a speech or presentation. Use it!
  • Write the word, “pause” in your speech or presentation notes where you want to slow your speech for a dramatic effect. This will serve as a reminder for you. Be comfortable with the silence.
  • Most professional speakers use vocal exercises to warm up their voices beforehand. There are many techniques you can use, so find one you like and try it. You don’t need to be a professional speaker to benefit from these exercises.
  • There is an old bit of advice out there that says a speaker who is nervous about looking people in the eyes should focus on the foreheads of the people in the audience. That might work with a large audience, but in a small- er room, I can usually tell when a speaker is doing this. I find it distracting. You want to connect with your audience by establish- ing direct eye contact.
  • Use a video camera to record and then critique yourself while watching on your computer screen
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