How to Leave your Job: 8 Tips for a Successful Departure

It is critical that you leave a good impression when leaving a job.  With social media today, you will encounter the people with whom you’ve worked again in the future– either directly or indirectly.  Here are 8 important tips to keep in mind when you are preparing to leave your current job.

  1. Visit HR to deal with health benefits, 401k and non-compete/non-solicit or other legal documents related to your employment
  2. Continue to be professional and positive
  3. Keep deadlines and finish projects
  4. Build your network and get references from co-workers
  5. Don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you– this should go without saying
  6. Prepare for your exit interview
  7. Say goodbye– keep it short and sweet
  8. Stay in contact after you’ve left

Read the entire FINS Finance article by Jeremy Greenfield here.



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