Which does your organization resemble?

Which does your organizaiton resemble? (source: Bonker's World)

It is critically important to understand how your own organization functions. Do you think that an Apple employee will have a different experience than one from Oracle, for example.

Does your organization have no discernible structure as implied by the diagram of Facebook?  Is there a very neat and tidy hierarchy like Amazon or a very complex, multi-connection structure like Google?  Or do you work in a “dog-eat-dog” organization where business units are pitted against one another for resources, customers and revenue?

As an employee, working in each of these organizations is vastly different experience.  You’d better understand the playing field– organizational intelligence is the key.

Imitation and Your Professional Development

IMG_0977 IMG_0978When it comes to your professional development, you can practice and acquire many skills that you need to be successful.  Some of these skills include public speaking, networking and business writing.  These skills along with the resources and methods for acquiring them are the subject of my book, Career-ology 101 which will be published later this fall.

You can acquire many other skills by observing other professionals and practice those skills using imitation. These skills are often referred to as “soft-skills” and some examples include: teamwork, conflict resolution, decision making and time management.    Read more