Why these skills and concepts?

The skills and concepts in Career-ology are important for professionals in every industry. They will be critical throughout your entire career. The following is a brief overview:

  • Professional networking. The secrets of networking can transform it from a chore to an enjoyable experience.
  • Business writing. The ability to clearly articulate your ideas in writing (anything from a simple Tweet to a 100-page technical report) is essential.
  • Public speaking and presenting. The ability to stand up and present your ideas clearly and concisely is also essential. There is no avoiding it! You will have to be able to communicate ideas to as few as two people or to a room full of 200 or more.
  • Sales and negotiating. Everyone is in sales no matter his or her job!
  • Organizational awareness. Understanding the people you work with and the unwritten rules they follow will give you a solid career edge.
  • Creating your personal brand. Your style and behavior can enhance your personal identity as a professional.
  • Developing your executive presence. Projecting a presence of leadership, displaying grace under pressure, and creating the desire in others to get the job done will enhance your career and your life in many ways.
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